Brand-new audio series, The Super Secret Hive!

We are so excited for the debut of this podcast for kids and their families starting October 19th, 2020.

Veteran Disney performers/creators Julie Frost and Mike Dombrow, have created an empowering musical adventure podcast for kids! 6 months ago these two talented creators were furloughed and during that time they came up with this idea and that idea has become a one-of-a-kind podcast series for kids to enjoy.

“The world can seem like an uncertain place for adults right now,” says Julie Frost. “Imagine how scary it must be through the eyes of a child. We want to empower kids with the knowledge and confidence needed to take care of themselves, each other, and our planet.”

“It is vital that every child is aware of their worth, what makes them unique, and their power to make a difference,” adds Mike Dombrow. “We don’t just want kids and families to dream about the world they want to live in. We want them to know that they can make an impact and make that world a reality today.”

Featuring six full-length episodes, 14 original songs, and (free!) online activities galore, Julie and Mike are excited to share this one-of-a-kind series with kids, parents, and educators worldwide. The duo aims to engage, entertain and inspire kids while also providing parents and educators with much-needed content during this challenging time of distance learning.

The Super Secret Hive follows the adventures of a cast of quirky characters (all expertly voiced by Julie and Mike) as they navigate a host of timely challenges to help kids save the world. Enhanced by music and comedy, The Super Secret Hive delves into topics like honeybees and pollinators, plastic in the oceans, germs and our immune system, inclusion and kindness vs. bullying (as expressed by a T-Rex!), loneliness, and taking care of ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.

A mighty team of two who have worked together professionally on kids’ projects for more than five years, Julie and Mike have produced the entire Super Secret Hive experience themselves, from voice-overs to sound mixing to score and song composition. One preview audience member enthused, “It’s like listening to a Disney movie but without the screen time!”

Musical highlights include the upbeat, inspirational “You’ve Got This” (sung by Julie as “Polly Darton”); “The Immune System Battle Song,” in which Sir Wash-Your-Hands-a-Lot goes into battle against the germs; “The Lonely Comet,” a folk-rock ballad sung from the perspective of the Neowise Comet; “UnBEElievable Bees,” a number about honey bees and all they do for the earth’s food system; and the final song of the season, “Dream On,” performed by the full cast of characters (as portrayed by Julie and Mike) on a mission of improving themselves, each other, and our world.

Julie Frost has spent her career learning how to best inspire happier and healthier kids. Julie was a singer and actress for Disney for over nine years and has performed for more than four million live audience members across five countries and 26 states. She currently resides in Austin, TX.

Mike Dombrow has worked as a music educator and composer for over two decades. Past roles include teaching artist with Disney Performing Arts, casting director at The American Idol Experience, composer and music director for Imagination Stage, and public school choral and musical theatre educator. He lives in the Orlando, FL area.

The Super Secret Hive will be available on all podcast platforms and via the podcast player at www.HereAtTheHive.com.

Episode 1 – “UnBEElievable BEEginnings” – (Honey Bees and Pollinators)
Releases 10/19/2020

Episode 2 – “Splish, Splash, Are We Swimming in Trash?!” – (Plastic in the Ocean)
Releases 10/19/2020

Episode 3 – “Quick! Mike’s Sick!” – (Germs and Our Immune System)
Releases 10/19/2020

Episode 4 – “Look at Me, I’m Sandra-T(Rex)” – (Dinos, Inclusion, Kindness, Bullying)
Releases 10/26/2020

Episode 5 – “In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry” – (Comets and Loneliness)
Releases 11/2/2020

Episode 6 – “Dream On” – (Taking Care of Ourselves, Each Other, and the World We Live In)
Releases 11/9/2020

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