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Moxie Chic is a feminist apparel company that moves to empower women and girls all over the world and embrace their MOXIE.

MOXIE /ˈmäksē/

confidence * courage * character *  spirit *  grit

My girls and I are proudly wearing this brand and we encourage all of you to wear it, too! Let’s spread positivity and the power of the Girl!

I had the pleasure of talking with the founder of Moxie Chic, Jennifer Shurdut-Bab and I am excited to share our conversation with all of you. (Jennifer’s responses are in purple)

I am a mother of 2 girls (they are 6 and 9 years old) what would you tell them about being a Moxie girl? What does Moxie mean?

I would tell them that a moxie girl is one who is STRONG in spirit, pursuing dreams not withstanding the inevitable hurdles and overcoming disappointment. You can share a story about someone you think embodies moxie — someone in your life or someone well known. (You may want to read them a book about someone exemplifying moxie). You can even give them examples of how they may have demonstrated moxie!

Moxie means: confidence, courage, character, spirit, grit.

I know you are a Mom, as well. When did you come up with Moxie girl? How long has the brand been around? Do your kids like to help with the designs?

Moxie Chic — launched in 2019 — was a culmination of so many elements of my life. Years ago, while practicing law, I started a company with sassy tee shirt designs for girls — but my legal career took priority. After putting my legal career on hold and having a family, I was ready to reinvent myself and return to designing, this time with a focus specifically on female empowerment with positive messaging. I credit my kids as my inspiration for the company; though they don’t create the designs themselves, they often share their opinions and offer input when I am creating them. More importantly, I see the world through a different lens.
The company name was inspired by an assignment given to my daughter to exercise moxie one summer vacation. It spoke to me. The name MOXIE CHIC itself attempts to equate strong girls with the term “moxie” — and encourages girls with moxie to see themselves as “chic”. Female dignity, ambition, success and empowerment should be celebrated and considered fashionable. As a Mom and a strong believer in the self-fulfilling prophecy (what you believe about yourself will lead to what you make of yourself), I try to instill a positive mindset in my kids; I see a growth mindset as critical — for all ages. I want my girl — and all girls/women — to be celebrated and I want my boy — and all all boys/men — to be allies, not alienated or put on the defensive.

Moxie Chic is about positive messaging, inspiring and educating.

What was the first design? Your first vision?

“GRLPWR no vowels, no nonsense, just moxie” and my female trailblazing designs (i.e., Curie, Ginsburg, Tubman) were among my first. Promoting female role models is part of the mission to raise awareness, educate and inspire. The vision was and still is to celebrate female empowerment and accomplishment, encourage female pride and the freedom to “voice your moxie.” I want girls/women — and feminism — to be viewed in positive terms. We do this with our designs, campaigns (contests, giveaways), website (blogs, voting), daily social media posts and charity (we donate a portion of every purchase to an organization that supports girls/women). In fact, we have a super special charity campaign running for the 2020 holiday season — when you purchase certain tee shirts, 100% of the profits those tees will be donated to a cause relevant to that design!


When you say positive feminism, what does that mean? I love that your brand is about empowering women and not putting down men.

Striving for equality of the sexes using wit, grace, grit and positive energy; encouraging a feminist narrative around female ambition and dignity.


How often do you create new shirts? I see you allow your consumers to have a voice and vote on who the next trailblazing woman who will be designed and what word will be used in a design to describe the moxie girl. That is so awesome and I love how you include your fellow Moxie girls.

Yes, my website and social media platform were always intended to create a space for girls to voice their moxie! We practice what we preach in that regard with our website voting, contests etc. — and also by giving back by donating to organizations supporting girls/women. We love to hear from our followers and want their opinions to lead the way and show they make a difference. LIFE inspires each design — current events, a chat with my kids, a holiday. . . just about anything can lead to a burst of creativity. Moxie is on my mind always. . .

Why the lightning bolt? What does it symbolize?

The power bolt symbolizes strength and positive energy, the same traits possessed by anyone with moxie.

When you say “I’ve got moxie” , what does that mean?

My trailblazing women designs in particular say “Girl Got Moxie” as a tag line of sorts; it’s a fun way to express that those role models embody “moxie”.

  • Magnify the positive
  • Optimize your power
  • Xercise your voice
  • Inspire others
  • Embrace equality

What is the Moxie Movement? and how can we be part of it and encourage others to be part of it, as well?

Well, first off — everyone can buy and wear my apparel! Seriously. . .My goal is to have the “universe” adopt the positive word “moxie” for strong girls, replacing the often-used negative terms historically used (you know what those are!). I want to celebrate (not denegate) female ambition. Dressing-up feminism in positivity is the Moxie Movement or Moxie Revolution.

Lastly, Jenn wants you to know that:

Girl power merch on the market generally has been either superficial and/or angry, crude or anti-male. I am hoping that MOXIE CHIC will help make POSITIIVE FEMINISM an ideal for all women and girls — whatever color and shape — and help define the next wave of feminism. . .

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We love the Moxie Chic social media pages there is so much great inspiration to be seen. I also, got most of the images I included in this post from the Moxie Chic Website.

“Get Moxie Change The World”

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