Family fun Advent Calendar

This year I decided to make a Family Fun Advent Calendar. Christmas is a time of Joy and I love all the fun things we can do as a family. So I turned a Christmas time bucket list into a fun advent calendar that also resembles a game I make for other holidays, Poke A Christmas Tree 🎄!

Each day one family member will poke one of the cups and pull out a piece of paper with a fun family activity on it. You can do one each day or save it and do them on that upcoming weekend or on a night when it is not as busy for everyone in your family. Together you will have fun and create memories together. We hope you have as much fun with this as we do.

There are 24 cups (one for each day leading up to Christmas starting on December 1st).

All items are from my local dollar store. To make this all you need is:

*A trifold poster board

*24 plastic cups

*Green tissue paper

*Rubber bands


*Construction Paper


All you have to do is hot glue the cups to the trifold poster board. I glued them from the bottom up (leaving a small space at the bottom for a tree trunk that I made with Construction paper). The bottom row has 5 cups, two more rows above that have 5 cups, then a row of 4 cups, and then row of 3 cups and lastly, a top row of 2 cups.

I made 24 strips of paper with a fun idea to do each day. Examples of things to do are: make Christmas cookies, watch a Christmas movie, donate food and/or toys , etc…

Then, I put one thing to do in each cup and covered each cup with a piece of green tissue paper and attach it with a rubber band. We added a yellow construction paper star that we taped between the two top cups.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season! Have fun creating memories with your children, this is truly the most magical time of the year for us.


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