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Abraham Lincoln was our 16th President and many people would say he was one of the best President’s the United States has ever had, I have to agree. He believed in equality, freedom and unity and his brave decisions would help lead us into a civil war to help end slavery. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12, 1809. His family lived in a one room log cabin and we were inspired to make the Log Cabin in honor of the home he grew up in.

In order to make this Pretzel Rod Log Cabin you will need:

Pretzel Rods (2 bags since the bags usually have broken rods inside that you will need, as well)

Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate Frosting

Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s

Craft Stick or Butter Knife

Paper Plate or Piece of Sturdy Cardboard


First, you will need to create a base with the Pretzel Rod Sticks. You will use the Chocolate Frosting as your “glue”. This reminds me of creating with Lincoln Logs but, with an edible treat.

Keep using this pattern to crate the cabin.

You will then put two rods on the inside of the square (as seen below) this will help support the roof.

Then, you will to build the roof. I suggest allowing the frosting to harden as you would “a glue” and continue building with 30 minutes in between building the base and adding the roof. This will allow the structure to be more stable.

Then, we added a chimney by putting a few complete pretzel rods together on the side of the house. and adding chocolate frosting to the chimney. We added Reese’s Pieces (you can use M&M’s too) to look like stone.

You can use the pretzel sticks and candies to create the doors and windows.

I hope you love your Log Cabin, as much as we love ours. I looked on Google images and printed out an image of Abraham Lincoln to put next to the cabin. I love the addition of our 16th President next to the cabin.

Celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12th by making this log cabin or create this log cabin during President’s week in honor of Abraham Lincoln with your kids.

We recommend this book to read with your kids it is so well written:

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Make these fun masks for President’s Week, as well.

Inspired by a Pinterest Pin : Sight and Sound Reading

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