Hand2Mind ColorMix Sensory Fidget Tubes

Hand2Mind has these beautiful Colormix Sensory Fidget Tubes that are so fun to play with and create a calm and colorful experience. This is such a great addition to their Social Emotional Learning toy line. Anyone over the age of 3 will love these. Theses tubes will allow whoever uses them to relax and have been very helpful with dealing with anxiety in children. “Hand2mind is a pioneer in social emotional learning products that help kids build mindfulness as well as how to deal with their own emotions.”

These are so easy to use and are ready to go once you open the package. All you have to do is shake the tubes to mix the colors (don’t worry these tubes are very durable, leakproof and easy to hold). You can shake them vertically or horizontally. You will love watching the colors mix together and watch the bubbles go up and down the tube.

My daughter loves creating little towers with them, as well. These keep her occupied and happy for a period of time where we have no music, tv or devices on and just set some time to relax our minds for a while.

We highly recommend these for your home or in a school/ daycare setting. They are fantastic.

Buy yours on: AMAZON


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