4+ Must-Haves When Going on a Camping Trip?

Going on a camping trip can be a fun and memorable experience, but it also requires a ton of planning for things to go smoothly! From packing for an adventure in the wilderness to bringing enough food for meals and snacks to curb hunger, you’ll likely need a camping checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything you’ll need. To help you out, here are four-plus must-haves to take with you on your camping trip. 

1. The Right Clothing

You want to have the right mix of clothing with you, so you’re comfortable even in unpredictable weather. Be sure to bring both shorts and pants, t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts, sandals and boots, and a rain jacket. If you’re going camping in the winter months, bring a winter jacket or thermal with you so you can keep warm. 

In addition, bring thick wool socks so your feet can stay warm at night. In warmer months, be sure to bring SPF-30 or more sunscreen and kids hats to protect the sun from their little eyes! You might also want to bring sunglasses with you and your hat to keep the glare away. 

2. The Right Essentials

You’ll need a tent with all the accessories for shelter and safety. Although it should be the case, anyway, check to make sure the tent is made from waterproof fabric so you can stay warm and dry overnight. Bring enough lanterns, flashlights, lighters, and matches with you to find your way around at night. 

You always want a way to maintain a clear path being outside. For extra safety, hang a lantern and string lights over your tent so you can find your way back to your campsite if you wander off during the night. Don’t forget to bring sleeping bags and sleeping pads (for extra support and to stay dry), as well as firewood and an axe to chop wood if needed. 

3. The Best Miscellaneous Items

You want to bring a portable coffee maker, a pocketknife, a bottle opener, a can opener, cooking utensils, cast-iron pots and pans, grill and charcoal, a portable stove, and extra batteries to create your camper’s tool kit. 

Speaking of kits, don’t forget the first aid kit! Emergencies and injuries can happen at any moment when you’re in the great outdoors, so be prepared!  

If you’re fancy, you can bring stainless steel marshmallow sticks for s’mores, or do it the way nature intended (minus the marshmallows), with natural sticks and twigs you find in the woods. Extra essentials to take with you include pepper spray, calamine lotion, and earplugs if the sounds of nature keep you up at night. 

4. Food Storage And Lounging 

Make sure you bring foil and a cooler to pack up your leftovers with and to keep wildlife away. You should also get food containers to store any food you plan to keep, so you can keep it fresh and avoid attracting wildlife. 

Stock your cooler with extra ice if you plan to fish and keep your catch. Bring fold-down tables and chairs and maybe a hammock if you want a different place to lounge around. Blankets and extra pillows are also recommended to stay nice and toasty by the fire. 

The Bottom Line

Camping is a beautiful experience so long as you bring with you the proper essentials to keep camping both safe and fun. To make lasting memories, you need to plan accordingly as you would with any kind of trip. Review the above must-haves so you can take all you need with you for a journey you’ll never forget. 

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  1. Camping is a great time, but as you detailed here, there’s a considerable degree of planning that must be done. Having the most comfortable clothes, shoes, and the like will make the trip that much more enjoyable and stress-free.

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