9 Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love with Being Outside

Unstructured and free play helps children learn out how to interact, behave, and enjoy being outside. Below are nine tips that will turn any child from a couch potato to a nature lover.

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Sleep Outside

Several kids cannot resist building tents and forts out of their blankets and sheets. Turn it up a notch by allowing them to sleep outdoors. Make it fun. Bring out lots of blankets and sleeping bags. Point out different constellations in the night sky. However, do not forget the bug spray or flashlights.

Water Fun

The local splash pad is a great choice for free play and socialization. Slip-resistant poured-in-place products like our No Fault Safety Surface make splash pads aesthetically pleasing, as well as keeping them accident-free. Children can play, splash, and shout in a place designed completely with them in mind.

Kids Only

When every part of the yard is devoted to lush landscape, it may be easy on the eyes, but difficult on the kids. Give them a section of the yard. Allow them to choose how they want to use it. Will they make a fort out of old couch cushions, or hunt and dig for gold? It may not be pretty, but it will provide copious hours of fun.

Running Around

Bring the kids to the playground. The greatest playgrounds intertwine safety components like a No Fault rubber safety surface with natural elements. This way, children can get fresh air, play on or around the equipment, and simultaneously have a fun (and safe) time.

Leading by Example

Kids are not the only ones who need to unwind. When adults make the same commitment and show their excitement about the outdoors, children cannot help but to become infatuated in the world around them as well.

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Fairy Houses

Encourage wonder and magic in your own backyard. Use natural elements like feathers, pebbles, and leaves to create homes for ‘fairies’. Place them in tucked away spaces for a bit of unexpected whimsy.

Collections and Journals

Rather than racking up digital points with computer and video games, take your child outside to collect cool rocks, fossils or arrowheads, and show them the different types of birds and trees. Then record a journal of their findings! It may even turn into a lifelong hobby for the two of you.


Why not involve the whole family? Geocaches are just like mini treasure hunts. Follow the coordinates, seek the hidden cache, and take (or leave) a trinket in its place. Not only is it fun, but children will have several opportunities to hunt through the public outdoor spaces in your area.


Find walking trails near you, and take advantage of them. Show kids tiny bugs on the path. Point out bird nests. Some paths lead to amazing playgrounds with creative designs, special structures, and rubber safety surfaces, so it is easy to combine free play with hiking.

In an age where kids spend nearly forty hours on electronic devices per week, getting them to unplug can be difficult. These tips can help get children playing outdoors and socializing in the process.

Make it simple. Begin with the best safety surfaces for water play areas and playgrounds. No Fault Sport Group can provide poured-in-place rubber surfacing, loose-fill and bonded rubber mulch, rubber turf, and rubber safety tile. Call No Fault today.


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