Healthier New Year for YOU and your family

I don’t know about you but, a New Year means a new list of goals my husband and I have come up with together.


These goals are improvements we want to make in the upcoming year not only for ourselves but, also for our family. Yes, I know it is almost February but, you do not have to put the goals you came up with aside and wait for January 1st of next year. Let’s not be so hung up on the day of the week or the start date. Let’s be honest any day you decide to make positive changes in your life is the perfect day to start.

We took out a piece of paper and came up with this list of 2018 goals together:

1. Healthier meals and snacks throughout the day.

2. Eat as a family during dinner time as much as possible during our busy week.

3. Live in the moment and try to use our phones and electronic devices less throughout the day.

4. Enjoy our weekends and days off with “mini adventures” and exercising more individually and as a family.

5. We want to go on family hikes exploring parts of NY that we have not explored, yet.

6. And most importantly, make sure we are going for our routine check-ups and maintaining our health.

I love this Pinterest Pin I found and thought I need to incorporate these into our weekly routines:

If one of your goals is to exercise more and go to the gym you may have joined on the 1st of January then put your sneakers on and head out the door. If you are a bit nervous check out this article by Aaptiv.

*How To Overcome Gym Intimidation

Anxious about stepping into the gym? Here’s how to get past the road blocks in your way.

“It’s hard not to feel this way when surrounded by gym-goers more experienced than yourself. Remember, though, everyone starts somewhere. Everyone is there for mostly the same reasons: to work out and focus on themselves.”

Read more: HERE

*Health Checkpoints

You deserve to put your health FIRST and of course we all know we should be getting our yearly check-ups, Hims recommends the following checkups for a healthy 2018:


*Feeling overwhelmed?

My biggest inspiration is our local Momee Friend and my best friend, Jessica Dooley. She has put my goals for 2018 into a great perspective:

“When it comes to setting goals, which is what New Year’s resolutions really are, we tend to have pretty high expectations of ourselves – and that is a GREAT thing! We should be aiming high, dreaming beyond what seems realistic, otherwise how will we ever know what we can truly accomplish? The trouble with these big goals isn’t the goals themselves, but it’s the feeling of overwhelm that can set in as the excitement begins to wear off, or wanting to quit when it starts to get hard. But don’t get discouraged! There are simple ways you can set big goals and CRUSH them, and I’m going to share a few of them with you”…    READ MORE


Whatever your goals are we know you can reach them! Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed YOU GOT THIS!

Today is the day to a HEALTHIER change in your life and your family’s life.


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