Watercolor Painting on Ice!

We painted ice blocks with watercolor paints and the result is beautiful!

This can be a very therapeutic and relaxing art activity to do with your kids. One of my favorites to do before bed. Obviously, the ice will melt make sure the dish you do this activity in is deep enough that the melted ice water does not overflow all over your table. I discard the ice and water in the bathtub and then rinse well so the colors don’t end up on my tub floor.

All you need is:

Ice Blocks




Let’s paint…

To make some of the color stick add a thin layer of salt to the top of the iceblock!

*I had these great photos of my husband and the girls adding the salt together- love these moments : )

Then have your child wet their paintbrush and paint their favorite colors on the ice block.

I love how the colors pop! My daughter’s iceblock caved in the center and it ended up looking like a colorful ice volcano. She loved it. Let’s face it, kids love ice and painting ice makes it so much more fun.

I did this art activity a bunch of times and I have been meaning to post it. You can see some old pictures below of other times we have done this activity. The kids and I love it and the pictures of the colorful ice are so pretty.



HAVE FUN and I can not wait to hear if you enjoyed doing this activity, too!

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