Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

How festive are these Sugar Cone Christmas Trees?

They are so easy to make your kids will enjoy decorating them with you.

sugar cone christmas trees

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Italian Heart Lemon Cookies


italian cookies

My favorite Holiday Cookie is the Italian Knot cookies I decided to make these yummy cookies for Valentine’s Day by making them into the shapes of hearts instead of bows. There is numerous ways to make these and they are called different names. I love when they have a lemon flavor to them. Some people make them taste like almond and some will make them have an orange flavor.

I got the recipe for my favorite Italian Cookie from They have the best recipe in my opinion.

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Barbie Doll Cakes for the Bride to Be

One of my favorites things to make and give as part of a gift is a Barbie Doll Cake.

Whenever I have a birthday party, bachelorette party, bridal shower or wedding to go to I always like to bring the girl a Barbie Doll Cake.

I tend to make them more for the Bridal Showers because making a white wedding dress is fun and looks so pretty on the table at the event

megans bridal shower 137

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Lego Brownies

mommyblog4 034

In our house we love to build with Legos but wouldn’t it be fun to eat them? I think these would be great at any kids party

Delicious Lego Brownies ( Pillsbury Milk Chocolate) made with Plain M&Ms and Colored Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting

I was inspired when I saw on anders ruff  Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Party – Full Detail Feature – the theme party was awesome and I decided to make brownies instead of cookies or cake.

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