Barbie Doll Cakes for the Bride to Be

One of my favorites things to make and give as part of a gift is a Barbie Doll Cake.

Whenever I have a birthday party, bachelorette party, bridal shower or wedding to go to I always like to bring the girl a Barbie Doll Cake.

I tend to make them more for the Bridal Showers because making a white wedding dress is fun and looks so pretty on the table at the event

megans bridal shower 137

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All you need is a dome shaped cake pan. They sell on Amazon —> the Parrish’s 9 x 6 Inch Aluminum Doll Cake Pan

megans bridal shower 002

and the dolls where you can buy at any craft store or on Amazon as well —> Cake Picks

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Decorate the dolls with earrings and you can do their hair any way you want. I always add a sparkly gem on the hand for the engagement ring!

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Ice the cake and if you make it the night before an event just store it in the refrigerator for safe keeping.

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