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The kids are off for February Break and if you are looking for some fun ideas to do with the kids indoors we have you covered.
Not only do the kids have off but, it is President’s Week, too. We have some fun ways for you to keep the kids entertained all throughout the week.

Celebrate President’s Week by…

Making a Fun Presidential Mask

You can create a fun face plate mask so you can have your child look like our first president, George Washington or our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. A fun picture opportunity for you and your kids.

Make a Pretzel Rod Log Cabin

The Pretzel Rod Log Cabin House is a lot of fun for you and your family to create together. This activity is not only fun to make but, edible as well since it is made with pretzel rods, pretzel sticks, chocolate frosting and Reese’s pieces. The log cabin is inspired by the house Abraham Lincoln grew up in.

Read full directions —> Pretzel Rod Log Cabin

Now for the Indoor Fun…

Crepe Paper Hallway Obstacle Course

We decided to build this Indoor Kids Obstacle Course in our hallway with Mission Impossible Music playing in the background to add to the “experience.” All you need is crepe paper, painter’s tape and creativity!

Read full directions —> Crepe Paper Hallway Obstacle Course

*Painter’s Tape is such a great thing to keep in the house for indoor fun because you can create something like a Crepe Paper obstacle course and not worry about the paint coming off your walls when you take it down.

You can use the painter’s tape to create a Marble Run, as well.

Marble Run

A fun STEM indoor project for kids. They will use trial and error to make a successful marble run out of cardboard tubes.

See full directions —> Create your own Marble Run

The Colors of the Rainbow Tubes

You can mix the pom poms up and the kids can put the right color pom pom into the right color tube and it will fall in the cup below the tube. Great for fine motor skills, too!

See the entire post –> Colors of the Rainbow Tubes

Shadow Fun with Cardboard Tubes

Turn on a flashlight and put it under the open part of the tube and watch the image on the plastic wrap side with a sticker or black construction paper image on the opposite side illuminate onto your wall or ceiling. So much fun for the kids to use. A great activity before bed where you can create stories as part of your story time routine for that night with the images you see on the wall.

Read the entire post —> Shadow Fun

We hope you enjoy the Winter Break with your kids!

Watch the segment on NEWS 12 this morning Feb. 17th, 20121.

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