Cereal Box Puzzle

We finished our box of cereal and I went to throw out the box and remembered I have been wanting to reuse the Cheerio Box for something. Then the idea came to me, A PUZZLE!

Cereal Puzzle

My daughter loves puzzles and I thought it would be fun to have her put together a familiar box instead of putting it into the recycle bin. Then when she gets board of it we can put it into the recycle bin again but at least we got a multi-purpose use out of it for a little while.

Materials Needed:

Empty Cereal Box



Cut the front of the cereal box off.

Then cut the front of the box into even pieces. I had 8 pieces total for my daughter but you can cut it down to 16 even pieces if you want.


I scrambled the pieces face up and asked her to put it together.

IMG_8564  IMG_8565

As simple and easy as it sounds my daughter really enjoyed this. She was so excited when she completed the Cereal Box Puzzle!


Now, every time we throw a box in the recycle bin she wants me to cut up the front of it to make a puzzle. Which is fine with me because it takes little time and does not cost any extra money.

Hope your child enjoys this as much as mine does.

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