Ring Toss

Do you have left over holiday plates?
I do from Easter so I decided to have some fun with them and make a fun game for Mia and I!

ring toss 005

You have to get use of these plates before next year some how… why not make a game! : )

All you need is:

4 Paper Plates


Scotch tape


Cardboard Tube from paper towels or aluminum foil

ring toss 001

First step is to:

color the one plate that will be your base plate and then cut the bottom of the tube as shown below with 3 slabs that will be scotch taped down.

ring toss 002

Next step is to:

cut the middle of the plates out and make them into rings after you have colored them your favorite color! I label everything with its name so Mia can recognize it ( so I made the red plate I colored “red ring” )

ring toss 003

Now you are ready to play… whoever gets the most rings around the tube wins!

ring toss 004

Mia loves it… she may have not got any of the rings around the tube but it is fun to play with plates and cardboard tubes when you are 20 months old! lol

ring toss 006                          ring toss 007

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