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My son just turned 1 years old and I know now that there is no restrictions on what you can feed your child now ( according to my sons’ PD). I have introduced whole milk and if I wanted to I could put honey in some of  the foods he wants to eat. But, all of a sudden my child that was not a picky eater has suddenly become picky. Am I doing something wrong? I want my child to eat a variety of foods and not be a chicken nugget and French Fry only eater

Feedback please all of my fellow Momee Friends : )

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  1. Fellow Momee friend I am sorry you are going through this and it can be so frustrating. Mia went through a picky stage when she started teething. Our PD said it was normal and don’t give up. A child may hate or love one thing today but tomorrow will feel the opposite. I try and incorporate fun on her plate with a variety of colored veggies and if I give her a sandwich I will use a cookie cutter and make it in a fun shape. Also if she sees me eating something she eats it too. I feel its important to eat at the same time as our kids so they see healthy choices we want them to eat we eat them too. Hope this helps and good luck ( hope this picky stage passes soon).

  2. Well, first take solace in that I THINK this is normal– all of mine have gone through these stages. Right now my toddler wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for EVERY meal!!! What I have noticed is they like easy finger foods. I like to get a muffin tray and fill each compartment with something different such as chopped chicken, baby carrots, salami, cubed cheese, small brocolis, small crackers. My younger boys love sitting around the muffing tray together and picking out various things to eat. I also let them graze through out the day rather than forcing them to sit for big meals. Hope that helps! Don’t give up serving up a variety of things, they LOVE color!!

    1. I love the muffin tray idea. That is genius and my daughter grazes through the day also. I feel your post is really going to help her… What a great response : )

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