Love and care for a flower

Have your little one learn how to care for nature with a small flower

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There is nothing better than seeing the joy on your childs’ face when they get to take care of there own flower.

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I personalized Mias’ terra cotta pot by painting it… use your creative Momee art skills to personalize yours.

Teach your child that plants need water just like them to grow big and strong. And sunlight helps them grow too.

Something like a daffodil is small and reflects spring so well. I purchased the pot and plant at walmart for under $3.00 (they were sold separate)

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Make it even more special for your child to take care of their first plant by having them pick it out with you…

Earth Day is Monday April 22nd so bring a little Earth into your home to celebrate: )

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  1. My daughter is 21 months old and I got her a little Minnie mouse watering can.. she loves it! Go for it… its under $3.00 and if she doesn’t want to do it , caring for a plant is easier than an animal : )

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