Miche Bags… My Perfect Diaper Bag!

A Trendy Diaper Bag? Its so much fun and fashionable to own a Miche bag

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This is the Oakley shell but there is so many to choose from.. can not wait to purchase my spring shell for my Prima base bag

I have a friend who sells Miche Bags. She is a fellow Momee Friend and I love my bag so much because it is the most stylish Diaper Bag and does not feel like I am carrying a diaper bag.

The Prima bag is the bag I use everyday! Miche describes this bag as “when you need to carry your life in your handbag.”  And when we have our diaper bags filled with all the baby essentials that’s exactly what it feels like.

What is so much fun too is that you can change the shells ( the outside of the bag) without having to take all of the stuff out of your base bag. It can look like you have a new bag with a different shell or handles. So much fun and a genius product; order yours today and there are different size bags too but us Momees we need the Prima : )

Check out all of these compartments… Momees love compartments.

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there is even side compartments for your bottles and sippy cups!

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Order by going to http://www.maggie79.miche.com or book your own FREE Miche bag party with Maggie and tell her Anne of Momee Friends of LI suggested her.

There is also money opportunity to become a Miche consultant yourself… just ask Maggie at  margaretmalia79@gmail.com

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