Bachelorette Party DIY

Bachelorette Party DIY

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So this past weekend I went to a fellow Momee friends’ Bachelorette Party. These girls are always so much fun! So I decided to have some fun and make some goodies for the party!

There is nothing like a great sentimental gift from all the girls and a fun keepsake so I decided to have all the girls bring there favorite lipstick and we made a lips collage of all the girls at the Bachelorette party 😉

I got the idea off of Pinterest and made it my own!


You can make your own fun Wine Glass as well just by painting the glass with glass paint from your local craft store.


Then came the baked goods… you have to have dessert especially if you are drinking!

I decided to make Funfetti sugar cookies into the shapes of bras and panties but next time I will use plain sugar cookies since the sprinkles don’t look so great.


and then an adorable bachelorette dress cake made out of 2 large cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes ( Decorate any way you please! )

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and if you need some great bachelorette party goodies go to they have great prices and FREE ideas for games as well! I love that site…

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