Long Island Cares Inc.

“Because it takes more than food to feed the hungry”


Over the weekend I went grocery shopping with my daughter and outside the grocery store was a few girl scouts and their moms. It was the Service Unit 46 troop : )

The girls handed us a piece of paper that had all items we can donate after we went shopping! I was so happy to of filled half my cart for what my family needed and the other half for donations. I took the piece of paper home that the girls handed me and looked up the Long Island Cares website. This organization is wonderful and in the near future I am going to try and set something up with them with my local Momee friends.

I thought what a wonderful thing these kids and moms are doing and I had to post this on my blog to share with all of you.

Mia is only 21 months old now, but I love seeing what these girl scouts do and I will definitely be signing her up to be a girl scout in the future and will look forward to being a troop mom.

Please do the same and check out the Long Island Cares website and volunteer your time or make a donation that can help out someone else on our area and make a difference!

Any suggestions or ideas of what you may want to do as a local Momee Friends of Long Island group… please email me ( momeefriendsli@gmail.com ) or reply on this post and I will set this up with your help!

Thank you so much…

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