Dinner and a Book

Change things up for dinner one night and base your dinner off of one of your favorite books…

I love the book Strega Nona ( it was one of my favorites as a child as well )

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This book is so great and so fun to read with your little ones. I love Strega Nonas’ Pasta Pot and how she can make as much as she wants!

Growing up in an Italian family there is nothing better than some yummy pasta and even better sauce ( or  you may call it gravy! )

So last night we read Strega Nona which is such an entertaining book for a child any age and ate some yummy spaghetti out of this Momees’ pasta pot.

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Kids love spaghetti… I don’t know if it’s the taste or the mess but I think it’s definetly a little bit of both

Mia loves eating messy foods since she was little…

miaapril 013may2012 014

Messy foods are best when you plan on putting them in the bath afterwards ; ) as all you fellow Momees can probably agree.

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