Special K with strawberries and chocolate

What an amazing start as breakfast to your day or substitute for lunch… and best part is it has chocolate in it.

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If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out. My daughter Mia and I love this cereal. She usually picks out the strawberries and I love the chocolate pieces she leaves behind. This Special K cereal is one your whole family will enjoy and when I go to the store I always pick up another box. ( You always need a spare if you run out.) I really hope its not a limited edition and Kellogg’s adds this to the Special K line of cereals.

and I always pair this delicious cereal with either Silk soy milk or Trader Joes vanilla unsweetened almond milk… yummy!

Feel like a kid again with a cereal that has chocolate in it but this time it is healthy and good for you!

Momme approved, have you tried it yet?

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  1. On my Momee friends of Long Island facebook page a local Momee friend Kelli wrote:

    “Anne I’m addicted too,before I even gave birth I had bought all these Special K products since u swear by them n love them n now so do I……”

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