Momee Rant: Cleaning

Do you ever say to yourself…

I never stop cleaning no matter how much I clean things are still sticky and dirty


as a Momee this is what happens but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a Momee Rant about it every once in a while!


In my house:

There are crayon markings on everything ( my daughter tries to even color our kitty )

Fingerprints on every window and glass door

Toys and books all over

Sippy cups in the sink and anywhere she goes and just leaves it

 and pacifiers are in a huge pile behind the crib till I can’t find another one


What is your Momee Cleaning Rant?

trust me we can all relate

but this ecard is my favorite because I think cleaning would be so much easier


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2 thoughts on “Momee Rant: Cleaning

  1. LAUNDRY ! Is there really such a thing as ” Catching up ” because i haven’t in 3 years !! Also , I don’t know why it’s such a big surprise to me every night at dinner that my 2 year old throws his food ALL over our new hard wood floors and while my husband is having his coffee , Im the lucky one on all fours picking up pasta & sauce!
    I know I know they are only little once and one day they won’t need me as much .. but a little help around here would be SO NICE !

    1. Omg… Heather a little help would be great! Mike helps us but it seems Mondays are my busiest cleaning days from the weekend when Mia and Daddy both make huge messes lol

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