New Momee To Be and her registry

I received an email for a woman who is having her first baby and today she went to Babies R Us with her husband and get so overwhelmed that she barely put anything on her registry…

The registry can be overwhelming and I know we can all relate to this, can it be that such a little baby needs all these things? and the answer is yes! lol

Her email reads:

” I know this is a Momee Friends blog and I am 6 months pregnant and I need ADVICE on products for my baby that will be here in 3 months… July 19th to be exact : ) My husband and I went into Babies R Us and the signing up was easy but then seeing how much stuff there is to choose from my husband and I got overwhelmed very quickly. I thought we were going to have a blast with the scanner gun picking out all of these cute things and instead my hormones kicked in and I started to cry in the car seat aisle. I am nervous we are going to pick the wrong things or the wrong brand. What products are best, what are the essentials? We need help!”

I know this soon to be Momee is not alone on this one… we are all excited for picking out all the baby items ( what girl does not want to shop?) but this was a very stressful shopping experience that I do remember. But, asking fellow Momee friends is the best thing you can do, because we have been there and done that. And through trial and error we know what works and what doesn’t. But, remember some people love certain products and others don’t. So if you and your husband like something … go for it!

Fellow Momee friends list your favorite products and help this fellow Momee Friend out ; )

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One thought on “New Momee To Be and her registry

  1. The essentials are definetly plenty of onesies… The cute outfits are awesome but a baby born in July ( Mia was born on 4th of July) I kept her in onesies and barely used the cute outfits.

    For baby: I loved the bouncer seats, diaper genie, playmat (these are great)
    I wish I would of had a snap n go and I would of just purchased an all in one carseat form the beginning.

    For you: If you are going to breastfeed… Medela Electric Double Pump and plenty of nipple pads

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