Kids Parties- All Classmates Invited?

Kids parties can get very expensive ( as can anything )

What is right and what is wrong? Have the party home or at a location? What is more affordable? What is most convenient?

Weighing out the pros and cons…

Everyone has their opinions of all the questions above. But I received an email from a fellow Momee Friend that I need help giving advice to because Mia is too young to be in a class yet.

” My kids are both in elementary school ( my daughter in 3rd grade and my son in 5th grade ). They both have birthdays that fall within the school year and I was told by both teachers that if you have a birthday party and want to invite children from the class it has to be all the kids are invited. I find this to be silly. I understand kids feelings can get hurt. But my children have their friends in their class and let’s be honest each kid means more money. So if my child only wants 5 kids from class but has 17 in his/ her class. That means I have to pay for 12 more kids if they all RSVP yes that I have to pay for. And of course my kids want to have their parties at a place but the more affordable choice is to have a house party and order pizza. But, then I am stuck cleaning it all up. Uhhhh… what should I do? Am I wrong for thinking that all the kids should not be invited? “

Should all kids from your childs’ class have to be invited to your childs’ birthday party?

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6 thoughts on “Kids Parties- All Classmates Invited?

  1. Depends on the teachers but to give them out in class yes you have to invite everyone or all boys or all girls so no one is left out….if you don’t want to invite everyone you have to mail the invitations 🙂

  2. Lol, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. You don’t have to invite the whole class. You invite the kids your child plays with. Don’t send invites to the class though, maybe that’s what she means? Send them to the child’s parents or maybe have the teacher put it in the child’s backpack. But no way whole class and dont feel bad, parties are expensive! You can’t invite everyone and shouldn’t be expected to. I’m planning my daughters 3rd and already trying to figure out who I can cut out lol.

  3. Lauren: a fellow Momee friend is a teacher and says in her classroom when the invites are given out in school all the kids are invited
    This is on my Facebook page

  4. Fellow Momee Friend Nicole:
    Brooke’s class says all girls or all boys or both when inviting in class or if you just want to invite a few you have to do it outside of school.

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