National Space Day

Held on the first Friday of May each year since 1997.


Space Day

What kid or adult for that matter doesn’t love space?

There are so many amazing things about space that we know but even more we don’t. Talk to your kids about Planets and the first space launch. They will be amazed

There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate Space Day:

*Got to your local observatory/ planetarium and check out a show. Kids love planetariums and even to this day I love going to them too.

On Long Island we have the Vanderbilt Planetarium in Centerport

 and the Cradle of Aviation Museum  in Garden City.

*You can make a fun craft with your kids:
like the UFO- craft that I made with Mia today she loves flinging it like a frisbee.

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*Grab your telescope if you have one and check out the stars tonight.

*Watch a classic Steven Spielberg movie E.T. with your kids. Such a great family classic you and your kids will love.

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