Momee Day Craft

There is no better way t say I love you to a Momee on Mothers Day then with a thoughtful craft…

us Momees love sentimental gifts… don’t we?

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All you need for this craft is:

ribbon, posterboard, scissors, clothespins, markers, and your favorite photos for Momee

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What I love about this craft is that you can add all of your own personal touches

First pick your favorite color poster board ( I went with bright yellow)

and cut it into an oval or circle and punch a whole in the top and put your favorite color ribbon through ( for hanging later on )

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Have your child write on it and add drawings

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Next pick out your favorite photos you want to add and put them aside

Then you can paint the clothespins if you want but, I decided just to write on each clothespin what I love about mom

Then put the clothespins around the poster board and add the pictures ( as shown below)

mommy blog 1 004

Momees will love this gift and any craft you make for Momees Day : )

HAPPY MOMEES DAY to all my fellow MOMEES!

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