Tantrums at 22 months old

My daughter is 22 months old and for the past week she has been throwing tantrums. She does not let up… she will cry so loud and I feel so bad ( especially when she starts coughing and choking with the crying )

I can not stand the hitting ( I never hit her and she has been hitting my husband and I and throwing things at us )

HELP!!!!! what should we do… is this the terrible twos everyone talks about?

I know she is testing us… she hates getting her diaper changed, hair brushed, clothes changed, etc…

She wants to do what she wants to do. Anyone else going through this?

I feel like I am doing something wrong


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6 thoughts on “Tantrums at 22 months old

  1. I go through that with my son and my sister goes through it with my neice, and they are now 4. I wish i knew the answer!! All i know is that consistency is key, if you’re going to do timeout, stick to it and if they get up sit them right back down. They do eventually calm down and apologize. Those super nanny and nanny 911 shows help believe it or not. You should watch a few of them for tips, we do!! lol

    1. thank you gina! She stopped crying I go in to where she is in time out and she starts crying when she sees me again! I feel horrible but I am trying to stay strong… I definitely need to watch those shows

  2. You are not doing anything wrong !!!! It’s more than like the dreaded terrible twos . They are very real and they do suck ! You just gotta learn how to tolerate the tantrums until she grows out of it . You can’t ration with a 2 year old . I know it gets frustrating because you love your baby so much and you wonder what happened to your sweet little baby . But she’s still there . I promise it does get easier . My son has been ” testing ” me & my patience for months !

    1. Heather… Thank you so much! I appreciate it… It makes me cry but I know I have to stay tough or I will have a brat in the future xoxo I love this little girl more than anything and I know it will get better. Just a little tough now

  3. I went through this with my daughter as well. She would be in time out crying and I would be in my room crying. It was the worst feeling in the world and I am hoping my 16 month old doesn’t go through that stage. At the time it felt like it would last forever. When she was bad she had time out and I tried to reward her when she was being good by lots of compliments and hugs. Sometimes if she was extra good her reward was going to the park, things like that. Don’t be too hard on yourself and keep in mind it will pass eventually and you definitely are not alone.

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