Sugar and the Candy Tree by Michelle Doxsee

Bring a local families Easter Tradition into your home with this adorable book set inspired by one little girls dream of a candy tree!

Sugar And The Candy Tree” is a 32-page picture book that tells the tale of a little girl, named Sugar, who has a big imagination and loves dreaming of candy. One day she gets the most amazing, outstanding, scrumbly-yum-tious idea that any thinker has ever thought of. She is going to grow a candy tree! She tries to tell her friends and family about her amazing idea, but she soon realizes that everyone in the whole wide world is too busy for dreams and she is ready to give up. Just then, she thinks of the Easter Bunny! He’s a candy expert. Maybe he could help! Will the Easter Bunny be able to help Sugar make her dream come true?

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Sweet ‘n’ Savory- a crepe and rice pudding bar

Located in Port Jefferson’s Chandler Square the dining experience here will excite your taste buds.

sweet n savory

When I saw the words Rice Pudding Bar I had to check this place out. One of my husband’s favorite desserts is rice pudding and I could not wait to see what Sweet ‘n’ Savory had to offer in the heart of Port Jefferson.

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Contest- 2 FREE Passes to Pump It Up

teddysmores 001

All you have to do to win these passes is become a Momee Friend by signing up for emails ( which is located on the right side bar )

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Contest ends on Friday: September 5th, 2013 at noon

We had so much fun when we visited Pump It Up in Bohemia!

The place is fantastic and the kids have so much fun.

You can use these FREE Passes at either location Bohemia or Plainview for their open play times

Check out my review —-> Pump It Up- Bohemia

Questions to ask a Potential Babysitter?

Having family and friends watch your children is the ideal situation but most of the time they are as busy as we are. So now its time to interview strangers to watch your child. A local Momee Friend emailed me the question:

What questions do you ask a potential babysitter so that you find the right babysitter to leave with your kids?


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My 250th Blog Post!

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is blog number 250 and I want to say THANK YOU!

I have successfully uploaded 250 blog posts and have had a major amount of views on my page thanks to all of you!  All of my fellow Momee Friends thank you so much for helping me make this blog so successful. I love Long Island and all it has to offer.

mommyblog3 005

 Blogging has become a passion and joy of mine. Mia and I have so much fun together, I love sharing our stories.  Hope you continue to love our blog as much as we do and spread the word about Momee friends of Long Island

Please feel free to comment on my blogs and let me know how I am doing: ( Write me with any advice you need from fellow Momees as well.)

 My goal is to fill up the local section with as much information on all the best places to take our kids. I want to fill up the crafts, and family friendly recipes as well. And I want you to encourage your kids to read and  I want to focus on our amazing fellow Long Island authors ( their stories are great! ) Support Long island there is so much to do here. Family friendly and a great place to live.

Live and Love Life… having a child is not just about parenting we can live life as a child again by doing crafts, kid friendly recipes and venturing out to all fun places like: zoos, parks, ice cream shops, beaches and kid friendly restaurants.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

xoooxooxox Anne- your local Long Island Momee Friend

Caly’s Creations


Cheri is a local Momee Friend who makes adorable creations and is the owner of Caly’s Creations. Not only is she a crafty Momee but Cheri is a busy Momee with 2 little girls; Alyssa (2 years old), and Caitlyn ( 14 months).

Her husband is an active lieutenant in the Navy and has been serving our country for the past 11 years.

A lot of her creations are perfect for military kids, with amazing parents who fight for our freedoms each day.

941225_524833530913748_1570816898_n 970136_524850404245394_1625314819_n

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