Momee Poll: What are your Diaper Bag Essentials?

These diaper bags are so heavy and rightfully so… these kids may be little but they need so much!

What are the items you can not leave home without? What is always in your diaper bag at all times?

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5 thoughts on “Momee Poll: What are your Diaper Bag Essentials?

  1. Of course the basics diapers , wipes change of outfit. But I like to add things for myself too . Hand sanitizer , sunglasses , few pieces of gun or hard candy , granola bar . Never know when your quick trip is going to turn into a all day adventure with the little ones ! πŸ™‚ Oh also business cards ! For when I meet other cool moms and I’m about an about πŸ™‚

  2. Katie K. from facebook page:
    “Diapers, wipes, a&d,sunblock,changing pad,teethers,1 or 2 small toys, bottle, baby food, tylenol,nail clippers, diaper garbage bags”

  3. Kelli S. from my facebook page:
    “for 2 kids under 2, i carry diapers & wipes for both,bottles for both,change of clothes, a&d,sunscreen, toys,snacks,formula,jackets,diaperbags,babys medicine, blankets,and of course binkys!”

  4. Michelle M. from my facebook page:
    “mustela facial wipes! Binkies! cheerios are the essentials other than diapers/wipes/and a change of clothes of course”

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