Growing your own Garden

Grow a personal farm stand in your own backyard of all of your favorite veggies : )

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Its that time of year when the garden shops have all the veggies you want ready as little plants for you to grow in your own yard.

What are you growing this year in your garden?

This year we are growing peppers

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and Tomatoes
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We have never grown our own Vegetables before so we figured we would start off small and if we are successful we will have a bigger selection next year.

And I can not forget my Cilantro and Fresh Mint Herbs growing in my picture window in the kitchen.

Our cat Norman looks after these herbs throughout the day, he likes the sun as much as the plants do.

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Happy Growing Season and I hope your plants do great this year!

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3 thoughts on “Growing your own Garden

  1. We’re growing tomatoes this year. It’s our first time trying veggies too..we started out REALLY small. The plan is to hopefully add to it every year.

  2. Great addition to your garden is the Marigolds. They keep the bugs away, I always add them to my garden. Hope your first garden is a success. This year I am adding sweet potatoes to my garden. I hope they grow my family loves them. Debating on growing a fruit, possibly a melon. I have never grown fruit before.

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