Mia loves her New Sunglasses

Whenever I try to get Mia to wear a hat or sunglasses I can never get her to wear them.

However, I went to the Disney Store and bought her a pair of Minnie Sunglasses and she has now become a rock star wearing them all over the house.

I love the sunglasses they do not break easy and they are perfect on her little face!

sofiansunglasses 040

Dancing with her sunglasses all over the house…

sofiansunglasses 030sofiansunglasses 029


I am so happy she likes them… she loves wearing them upside down too! Silly kid

sofiansunglasses 045

Who are you talking to?

sofiansunglasses 044

and no pictures please! No No No

sofiansunglasses 054

Okay fine… one last Rock Star pose

sofiansunglasses 055

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