Monster Fun

Want to have some Monster Fun?

Monsters University  <—- watch trailer here the movie comes out tomorrow June 21st, 2013

We are looking forward to this movie so we decided to do some monster fun things.


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Gather your kids and make some monster crafts, play games and make some yummy cupcakes to celebrate before you go see the movie

What celebration could even begin without some yummy cupcakes? Decorate your monsters anyway you like


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I always use Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy frosting it is so delicious and easy to decorate with. Then choose your favorite decorations to make your monsters look good

We had so much fun making each Monster,  I even tried making Sully…

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and here are some other fun monsters too

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Mia enjoyed the cupcake making (or should I say eating process)


You have to play too so I made a Mike and Sully Monster from the movie and I got the idea of Hide and Seek monsters from


Hide the monsters around the house and have your little one find them. ( My sully did not turn out too good! ) But we love our Mike  Wazowski

mommyblog3 029monsterm

Check out the Disney store too for your Monsters University Plush toys


Enjoy the movie and let me know what you think : )

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