Justice 4 Autism

This foundation was set up in honor of Justice Rodriguez.  Its mission is to increase public awareness and to provide funding f0r autism based programs.

Justice 4 Autism is committed to raising autism awareness to the public.  They raise money to support autism based programs and activities.

Justice’s parents started this charity once there son was diagnosed and they had discovered how hard it was to find programs.


They donate money, along with Land and Sea Sports Clubs, in order for the children to have a place to play on days that school is closed.


Justice looks like every other 10 year-old boy, except he is a child with Autism. He was diagnosed at 15 months old because his Grandmother, Momma Lil, noticed he didn’t speak, didn’t respond to his name or make eye contact. At 19 months old he started 8 hours a week of home school, which quickly escalated to 20 hours ABA and two hours of speech. Six months after that, he was enrolled in the Developmental Disabilities Institute for full days of school and ten hours ABA home school as well as two hours of speech. September 2005, he was enrolled at DDI’s Young Autism Program and he had started to request independently.

Justice loves to swim, salsa dance, play basketball, bike ride and listen to music ( he loves the Black Eyed Peas).

Do you have or know a child with autism? Help raise awareness and tell people about Justice 4 Autism and Donate today—> Justice4Autism

Every child loves to learn and play, help provide programs for children with autism with your donation.

Currently Justice 4 Autism is hosting a do it yourself workshop at the Home Depot in Shirley.  They wanted the kids to learn tool safety as well as try out different tools. This may help them find something they love to do and maybe get a job.

You can donate to this wonderful Long Island charity through their website Justice 4 Autism or through his mom Eufrasia’s Facebook page Aprons 4 Autism where she makes these adorable aprons that 100% profit goes towards her son’s charity.


Buy this Apron for $25.00 by visiting their Facebook page Aprons 4 Autism

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