First Day of Summer

Happy First Day of Summer Everyone!

With school ending and the need for things to keep our kids entertained why not make a Summer Fun Jar ( Summer Fun & Things to Do ) and plan ahead

A Summer Jar List- with an activity your child can pick out everyday ( every other day or once a week )

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All you need to make your Summer Fun & Things to Do Jar is a Jar, Paper, Pen, Crayons, Scissor and Tape

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We sat down and thought of some fun places we would like to go to on Long Island and projects and fun activities

My blog has some fun ideas for summer already: go to Splish Splash, check out the Summer 2013 movies, Paint with Star Shaped Sponges, Play a game of Ring Toss, make some Grass Friends, and make some Homemade 1 ingredient Banana Ice Cream, go on a family vacation ( Maybe Disney )ย and so much more look through all my categories and find fun ideas.

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As we thought of the ideas we wrote them down right away and put them in our jar!

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Mia got excited and wanted to start picking already : )

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Enjoy your summer everyone … I know we will

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