Banzai Wigglin’ Waterpillar Sprinkler

This is such a fun sprinkler for kids of all ages

It is so affordable at a price of $12.99 at Toys R Us and good quality

sprinklerfun 003

sprinklerfun 006sprinklerfun 004

A kid who is a little water shy will love this when you put the water on low and they can test it out and see if they like it

sprinklerfun 013 sprinklerfun 016

or make the kid who loves the craziness this sprinkler can bring and get you completely soaked.

After a little while I let the Waterpillar do its thing and I put the water on a higher setting and Mia was loving it

sprinklerfun 036 sprinklerfun 033

Overall we had a great time in the sprinkler and I highly recommend it

It has been hot on Long Island this summer and a Sprinkler and some delicious juicy, cold local Watermelon is just what you need on these hot days 🙂

sprinklerfun 043 sprinklerfun 045



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