Questions to ask a Potential Babysitter?

Having family and friends watch your children is the ideal situation but most of the time they are as busy as we are. So now its time to interview strangers to watch your child. A local Momee Friend emailed me the question:

What questions do you ask a potential babysitter so that you find the right babysitter to leave with your kids?



In the book Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions author Blythe Lipman has a chapter called It’s Time for Date Night (choosing the perfect babysitter)

in the chapter she has questions to ask your potential babysitter , as well as babysitter musts, and even talks about paying the babysitter. I wanted to share with you what a successful babysitter is:

“You call and you toddler is happily snoring away. When you come in your babysitter can’t wait to tell you about her night with your toddler. The house is spotless. She thanks you for the opportunity to care for your toddler. The next morning your toddler tells you about her fun night with the babysitter.”

I think that is a great list for a successful babysitting experience.

Online references:

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Mama OT —-> 22 Questions to Always Ask a Potential Babysitter {Guest Post}

Please comment below and let me know the questions you would ask your potential babysitter. Leaving your precious child(ren) with someone can be stressful and we all want to feel more comfortable by asking the right questions. Help your fellow Momees out : )

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