Sassy Grow Up Cup

“The best way to move up to an open cup- The Sassy Grow Up Cup!”

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I saw this last week at a Momee play date. The cup is genius and is so much better for our kids teeth since they are sipping like a regular cup.

If you are like me, and hate dealing with the constant spills of a regular cup this is a great product.

Being just like a regular cup it only has a 360 degree inside cover that keeps the liquid in. All your child has to do is suck on the sides and tilt up and the liquid comes right out

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After Mia used it, I made a big deal and told her what a big girl she was with her grown up cup and she smiled and continued to use it. Spill free ( for the most part )!

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I recommend giving the Sassy Grow Up Cup a try, Mia loves it.

You can purchase it at your local Babies R’ Us / Toys R’ Us

 When it comes to being spill free I will give it a 9 out of 10. Which is pretty good spill proof rating compared to other sippy cups out there that claim to be spill proof.

I know Mia’s dentist checkup will be a good one and I feel better knowing she is not using a straw or even the hard tip sippy cup which can be bad for her teeth and speech.

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