Hope Paige- Stylish Medical ID Bracelets

A Fashionable/ Fun way to wear a medical bracelet. Available for Kids, Women and Men


I recently saw an article in Parents Magazine regarding these ID Tag Bracelets that your kids will not mind wearing. It is important that people caring for your child know about any health issues/ allergies your child has with these bracelets it will not be embarrassing but a helpful tool in case of an emergency.

Examples of Bracelets for kids are:

asthma dairy peanut

These fun bracelets are adjustable and grow with your child. These bracelets are “made to fit most kids from the age of 2 years old and up. It is not only fashionable and cool but also serves as an important reminder of your child’s allergy.”

Braided Elastic Bracelet – Medical ID girls

      STATkids – Multiple Food Allergies Bracelet – 3 Pack             bracelet

Momees there are stylish bracelets for us too:

“Pandora Style” bracelet comes with the colorful set of beads as pictured; and pairs perfect with any outfit! ( picture shown below)


Also Momees and Momees-to-be they have bracelets to let people know if you are pregnant:

“Write-On Style” ID can be customized with your own message! Please use a fine point permanent marker to write on the inside of the band, then place the band into water that has been boiled for 30 seconds to ensure permanent marking. Only one band included choose between blue ( for a boy ) or pink ( for a girl )


I love these bracelets and I think any child or adult would prefer to wear these bracelets over the plan ID Medical tags that are out there.

Hope Paige has come up with a great product and this Momee fully supports this company and their product.

Which styles will you choose?

Check out their website for more styles, accessories and more: Hope Paige Website


Like them on Facebook for any upcoming deals/ styles : Hope Paige Designs

People with the following conditions should wear medical ID jewelry

diabetes | epilepsy | autism | allergies: food peanut penicillin medication | coumadin | warfarin

heart disease | pacemaker | asthma | COPD | stroke | cancer | multiple sclerosis | dialysis

lung disease | ADD/ADHD | alzheimer’s | high blood pressure | children with special needs

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