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Momees we all love to save on the products we use all the time, right? I know I do not go to any store without my coupons.
I love to save cash and there is no better feeling then seeing the original price go down with some super saver Momee shopping!

Here are some links to some great money saving sites that also have Facebook pages:

First I have to say one Momee doing her thing is the Long Island Coupon Queen. She “shows you how much fun couponing can be and how much you can save with a little time and effort when shopping.”

Follow her on Facebook as well: Long Island CouponQueen



A fellow Momee told me about this site and there are so many good coupons on this site especially for baby coupons…

You can print the coupons sitting at your computer chair and the best part is you just pick the ones you need.

They too have a Facebook page:



Another great Momee doing her thing is Holly! She has created a great site called Spend with Pennies and she stays very current ( like every 30 minutes current ) with great $ saving tips and ideas.

I follow her on Facebook as well… Spend with Pennies



I also like they  “sell two quality products per day for toddlers and kids at 8am and 8pm PST at an unbelievable price! This is the place where mommies get hooked up with the hottest stuff for their kids.”

and they too have a Facebook page:


Momees do you have any links you want to share? Let me know how you save money by commenting on this blog post!

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