Lake Ronkonkoma County Park

The park is located off Smithtown Boulevard along Lake Shore Road, at the northern shore of Lake Ronkonkoma.

There is so much to do at Lake Ronkonkoma County Park  .

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One of Mia’s favorite spots is the playground area, there is so many slides. swings and climbers.                     

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They have 2 separate playgrounds right next to each other. One for Pre-school age kids ( ages 2 to 5 ) with smaller climbers and slides. 

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They have a Swing Set with 6 swings ( 2 baby, 3 regular swings and one swing made for kids of all ages).

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The larger playground area is for School age children ( ages 5 to 12 years old ). There are great climbers, monkey bars and bigger slides.

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Mia loved how big the slides were… she may be two years old but she has no fear.

Mia definitely recommends this park for your kids to play.

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The scenery around the park is beautiful being located right next to the huge Lake. It was a warm day so some people were getting wet in the water. But, swimming is prohibited.

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There are lots of picnic tables set up in the picnic area between the playground and the Lake. 

The facilities include a fishing area with a handicapped accessible fishing pier, as well.

There are also Handball courts, Basketball court and baseball fields. As well as restrooms located on park premises.

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