Trendy Pencils and Accessories for Back to School

The kids are headed back to school and of course us Momees are going crazy making sure they get everything they need on their school supply list!
There is a hot trend going on right now where kids can decorate their pencils!
Pencils do not have to look plain and boring anymore…
Now, pencils can look super cool and trendy thanks to two great companies Board Dudes and 3C4G
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First, I am going to talk about Scribble Stuff made by The Board Dudes
Kids can use the pencils to do their work but then during recess or snack time they can relax with other classmates and play their favorite sport: golf, hockey or football. They are table games and each pack comes with 7 items: High Quality #2 HB lead Pencils and sport of their choice related erasers.
I can see this is going to be a big hit and is very affordable!
$2.49/ pack
Other products include: Cheeseburger Stackers and Make a Face Stackers.
  I think these are so cute and trendy! I think this is a great product for any school age child/ teen!
chebur face
I am also loving the second trend of Happy Charmz by 3C4G
“Make Pencils Happier™ with collectable, tradeable, mix-and-matchable pencil charms!”
Start your Happy Charmz collection with their Starter Sets starting at $6.99
Each set includes  2 Sparkly Pencils and  2 Happy Charmz™!
I personally love the Geek Chic Starter set that includes glasses and a moustache! They have over 80 charms available right now and lots more coming soon.
No worries, they make Happy Charmz for pens too!
I think this is a great product for any school age child/ teen!
and they also have adorable Storage Pouch to hold your Happy Charmz- only $5.99
This Momee thinks these products are super cool! Go ahead and buy yours TODAY!

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