Have you filled your bucket today?

I attended a wonderful parent workshop at Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Center with Parent/ Family Coach, and Educator Erika Stroh.

Erika Stroh is a wonderful person who uses her life experiences as a parent to help us be the best parent we can be through discussions and scenarios. She is pictured below with her beautiful daughter Abby. 

applehashbookworms 004

Parents & children are welcome in this two-part interactive workshop. The book discussion and craft will be based on Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss the many life lessons and skills they can teach with this unique book about compassion, kindness, empathy, behavior & consequences while the children will participate in a related craft to support the theme of the book to take home. Come to learn how you can fill your child’s bucket while teaching them to fill their own!

The book is fantastic and everyone can relate to it. The wording of the book is direct and simple enough for a child to understand.

The illustrations are bright and young children will love looking through the book.

bucket 001 bucket 004

You can purchase the book on Amazon: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

During the workshop Erika touches upon that it is a conscious choice to be a bucket-filler and the key points to keep in mind when filling not only our buckets but our children’s buckets, loved ones, friends, neighbors and strangers. That everyone has an invisible bucket ( “you can’t see it, but it’s there.” )

And that we can fill someone else’s bucket and in doing so we can fill ours; so it is a “win-win” situation for everyone.

While the parents had a discussion the kids were busy doing their own bucket filling project:

applehashbookworms 002applehashbookworms 001

I think the kids did a fantastic job! Our little 2 year old artists made a beautiful bucket.

Each child received a bucket to take home and each parent was able to buy the book and take that home as well.

bucket 003

When we got home, Mia was so excited to play with the bucket and have me read her the book. Each night since we went to the workshop we read the book and play with our bucket.

bucket 006bucket 007

The story is great and the workshop was fantastic. I highly recommend contacting Erika or Ann Marie from Seeds of love to set up your workshop.

Ann Marie of Seeds of Love: 631-328-4422

Erika Stroh:  516-647-0323

Please check out Erika Stroh’s website: Parent From The Heart and see the wonderful services she provides. When working with Erika you can chose to have  a private session or be included in an interactive workshop.

“Private parent coaching is a service offered to mothers & fathers who would like to receive personalized attention in the comforts & convenience of their own home to address the needs, issues & concerns within their family. 
Interactive group workshops are designed to support & educate parents, caregivers & child care professionals.  Workshops are held in public venues such as libraries, community… centers, schools, health care facilities, corporate offices & private homes.
Topics for discussion include child development, behavior, discipline, alternatives to punishment, positive listening & communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, developing family relationships, advocacy for children, dealing with outside influences/peer pressure, personal safety, technology, life skills, self-empowerment & school-related issues.  Workshops can be tailored to address the needs/concerns of a particular group.”
Also like Erika on Facebook: Parent From The Heart

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