Paper Bag Turkey

I think Turkey crafts are so cute and so much fun for Thanksgiving.

This is a cute Turkey made out of two stuffed lunch brown paper bags.


I originally saw this idea on Little Learners Lounge —-> click here

What you need to make your cute turkey:

Two paper lunch bags, 2 white paper plates, 2 pieces of orange construction paper , 1 piece of orange foam board (small), 1 piece of red foam board (small), 2 big wiggly eyes, crayons and a hot glue gun.


I first took my paper lunch bags and stuffed them with newspaper.

IMG_9503 IMG_9506

I then colored my 2 paper plates and then cut them to make them look like Turkey Feathers but still all together.

I only used red, orange and yellow to color my plates.

IMG_9490 IMG_9492 IMG_9494

Using my hot glue gun I attached the two brown paper bags together and the paper plates to the back of the turkey body.


I then cut out my beak and snood and got my wiggly eyes to glue onto the turkey face.


I also cut out the turkey wings.


and I cut out cute little turkey feet and hot glued everything to the turkey.

The end result looks like this:


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