Paper Plate Shark Jaws

 It is Shark Week and Water Fun Wednesday there couldn’t be anything more fun then to chomp with these shark jaws during the show.



To make all you need is:

A Paper Plate and Scissors





1. Fold your plate in half (backwards)

IMG_0880 IMG_0879

2. Cut the plate as shown below making the shape of the bottom and tops of mouth

IMG_0882 IMG_0883

3. Now make the inside of the mouth cutting where the plate is folded.

Real shark teeth are not perfect and are not the same size so have fun with it.

IMG_0884 IMG_0893




4. Next, put them up to your face and chomp away!

IMG_0898 IMG_0900


This is a fun and easy craft and perfect for watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel.
From my Momee craft corner to yours… Enjoy! ; )

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