AMF BOWLING- great for all ages

Last week we decided to take the kids bowling for the first time.  Not only did the kids have a great time but we did too.


We heard that the AMF Centereach Lanes not only had bumpers but ramps for the younger kids to use along with light bowling balls.

When we arrived the staff was very nice and we told them we wanted both a ramp and bumpers on the lane. It took them just a few minutes to set it up. We also did an all you can play, eat pizza and shoe rental price for the kids. It came out to $15.20 / child and well worth it.

When we got to our lane the kids could not wait to play.


The ramp was great and made it so easy for the kids to bowl. What I loved was that the ramp was able to be moved around so if an adult wanted to play with their child they didn’t have to use the ramp.

IMG_0684 IMG_0725

IMG_0719 IMG_0750

Each child had no problem using the ramp.

I highly recommend when going bowling with toddlers to use the ramp and bumpers.

IMG_0778 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733

At AMF Lanes they have a variety of drinks and food items available.

IMG_0793 IMG_0792

Also, there are lots of great promotions and packages available —-> click here

We look forward to going back and making this a regular fun activity for the kids to do as a playdate.

For their first time the kids did very well. So proud of these kids and their sportsmanship for one another at such a young age.

IMG_0786  1471848_10152602018337937_7876509499878457081_n

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Find out more about Centereach AMF Lanes —-> click here

Located at:

40 horseblock rd., centereach, NY 11720


(631) 588-2118


IMG_0799 IMG_0801

Find a location near you —–> click here

I highly recommend taking your toddlers bowling and your family. It is not only a fun night out but memories of bowling are always great ones.

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  1. Hello! I am editing a vlog about going bowling with my family and using a ramp due to a shoulder injury. I was looking for a little picture to show what the ramp looks like. I came across your cute post here and that little sweetie with the yellow shorts demonstrating how to use the bowling ramp. Do you mind if I use the photo on my vlog recording? It will just show briefly for a few seconds.

    In exchange, I will be happy to link to your website in my video description. Thank you! You can see more details about the vlog I’m doing on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out before deciding.

    Thanks for your time and for your fun post and cute pics! 🙂

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