Tiki Action Park- Centereach

A fun place to go with your family for mini golf, go-karting, arcade games and food all at affordable prices.

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It was the first time the girls have ever been to play mini golf. They loved it and since we went during the day and it was not very busy at the time we went the girls played for fun and not so much by the rules. We did not keep score and the girls just enjoyed hitting the ball and cheering each other on as they took turns hitting their golf balls.

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The grounds of the mini golf was beautiful. There was lots of water features, plants, places to sit and stairs. If you have a baby in a stroller I highly recommend not bringing the stroller there is a lot of stairs.

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After Mini Golf we stopped by the snack area to grab something to eat. We had their Italian Ices and they were delicious; also we bought the Tiki souvenir cup for $5 ( FREE Refills).

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The dining area was cute and had this fun Tiki chair that the kids loved playing in.

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After we ate the kids were excited to play in the arcade area. Even though the arcade area is not huge, the kids had a great time. There were games available for young kids and teenagers. And of course we were able to win tickets which makes any kid happy.

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The kids cashed in their tickets for prizes and after three hours of fun and NOT spending a lot of money we decided to leave but, will definitely return soon.

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Tiki Action Park is located at :

 1878 Middle Country Rd, Centereach, NY 11720  (Directly behind Burger King)



Visit the Tiki Action Park Website to see everything they have to offer —–> Click Here

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I highly recommend visiting the Park and enjoying your day with what Tiki has to offer.
Tiki Action Park is a Momee Friend favorite.

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