Frankenstein and Mummy Craft


Halloween Decorations using toilet paper rolls that every kid will love to help you make.


I love to reuse our toilet paper rolls for crafts. I have seen these cute mummy crafts using a toilet paper roll for the mummy but I decided to make a Frankenstein as well. I love the story of Frankenstein and you can make him look so cute.

For Frankenstein:

You will need:

toilet paper roll, green and black paint ( I love washable Crayola Kids paint), purple pipecleaner, 2 wiggly eyes, glue, scissors and a sharpie marker


First, you need to paint the toilet paper roll (as shown below) with a majority of it green and a little black on top for Frankenstein’s hair.


Once dry, using your scissors make a slit on each side and put your purple pipe cleaner through. You will have to cut the pipe cleaner smaller and fold the edges up to make them look like knobs.

IMG_1761 IMG_1762

IMG_1764 IMG_1766

Now, you will glue on the wiggly eyes and make his face using a sharpie marker.


Now, that Frankenstein is complete we are able to make our mummy.

For the Mummy:

You will need:

toilet paper roll, toilet paper, 2 wiggly eyes and glue



Wrap toilet paper around roll. The less perfect the better because no mummy s wrapped perfect.


Lastly, glue on eyes and then make a couple of tears in the toilet paper so you can see the toilet paper roll cardboard.


My daughter, Mia loved these decorations. I love crafts that are simple and bring a smile to her face.

IMG_1782 IMG_1780 IMG_1783

From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Halloween Crafting!

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