Getting Puzzled! – Fun with the Kids

We all love puzzles and figuring them out, don’t we? Here are great ideas for kids of all ages.

getting puzzled

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Santa and Elf Craft

Make your little one(s) look like Santa or an Elf with an easy craft that your child can do themselves.
This is the perfect project for teachers to use in their classroom as well.

santa elf craft

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Cardboard Tube Advent Tree

With a little bit of time and little money you can make an adorable Cardboard Tube Advent Tree.

Your child will be excited to see what is inside each tube everyday before Christmas.

advent tree

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Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box

Starting November 1st make this adorable Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box so when Thanksgiving dinner is all done you can read everything your family was thankful for all month long.


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My Pumpkin Book

This is a cute learning book you and your child can make together.
The book teaches your child how a pumpkin grows to become the perfect pumpkin for them to pick when they search for one in a pumpkin patch.
pumpkin book
Want to know how a pumpkin grows? This little book teaches your child in the most simple way how a pumpkin grows.
Also, you are able to personalize it with pictures from your pumpkin picking day.

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