Witch Hat Craft

This craft is fun and easy to create allowing your child to make their own witch hat they could wear for Halloween.



In order to make the witch hat you need a party hat, paper plate, pom poms, Halloween stickers, pipe cleaner, spider ring, glue, double sided tape, black paint and a paint brush.


First, paint the party hat and the paper plate back and front using black paint. Allow to dry completely.


Then, trace the party hat onto the bottom of the paper plate using a white crayon so you can see it.


By folding the plate in half you will be able to cut out the circle using your scissors. Be sure to cut more inside the circle so that you can slip the paper plate over the party hat without it being too big. (Shown below)

IMG_1807 IMG_1806

Taking your double sided tape put at least four pieces along the edge where the party hat and paper plate meet. Then, take a pipe cleaner any color your child wants and stick it to the double sided tape. The pipe cleaner is about an inch too short to wrap around completely so I took a larger sticker and covered the empty space.


Using Halloween stickers, pom poms, alphabet letter stickers, and a spider ring decorate your witch hat.


This is how Mia and I decorated her witch hat. (shown below)

First, we added the stickers and then glued the pom poms.

IMG_1812 IMG_1813

Using double- sided tape we attached the spider ring to the top.

IMG_1815 IMG_1822

Since you are using a party hat there is already the string so that your child can wear it without it falling off their head or blowing away in the wind.


Mia is 3 years old and of course depending on her mood she will pose for a picture. She loves the hat but would only hold it for the picture and not wear it. Happy Haunting little trick or treaters in your witch hat!

IMG_1823 IMG_1824

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Halloween Crafting!

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