Egg Carton Pumpkins

These pumpkins look cute and are easy to make from an empty egg carton.


To make these adorable egg carton pumpkins all you need is:

An empty egg carton, orange Crayola washable paint, paintbrush, green pipe cleaner, scissors, black sharpie marker and scotch tape.


First, paint the egg carton orange.

e eg

Once the paint is dry cut the egg carton into individual pieces. (shown below)

Then get your sharpie marker, scotch tape and green pipe cleaner to put your pumpkins together.


Assemble the egg carton pieces together with tape to hold them together. Then, poke your pipe cleaner through the top part of the pumpkin to make a stem. Using your sharpie marker draw lines for a plain pumpkin or a face for a jack -o-lantern.

egg eggcart

These are quick and easy to make. My daughter Mia loved playing with them once we finished making them. Here she is making a pumpkin patch for the pumpkins to live in. : )

eggcarton1 eggcarto

eggcarton eggcarton2

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Fall Crafting!

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